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Real Estate Investment In Egypt

Real Estate Investment

Real State in Egypt is considered the best way for investment for individuals, Entrepreneurs and

for organization. As Owning a unit is considered to be an asset for the increase of the unit price

monthly and yearly. The normal situation that the unit prices increase 10% yearly.

People now in Egypt, they shift from keeping the money in the bank to use it in the real estate

industry due its interest yearly.

Apart from the investment, real estate is considered to be a high value product, due to its

importance for living. In the market there is always shifting for clients from small apartments,

to bigger apartments and from small villas to bigger villas, and that is due to the increase of the

members of the family or for looking for better life style.

We always find that the better level style is now found in Egypt inside compounds. Therefore,

clients living in neighborhoods they prefer living inside compounds due to its facilities from:

Green areas, clean environment, kids playing areas, Club houses, schools, nursery, and safety.

There is a lot of compounds that they do have very high standards of these services which for

sure increased the unit prices tremendously and also there is high demands on the units, which

caused the companies to do waiting lists for Clients and also cause them to do launch so they

satisfy the needs of their customers.

Entrepreneurs understood that buy buying units within the launch, the prices will increase

tremendously within the first year, so they start buying more than one unit and doing a resale

within one year to the final user.

That’s why we recommend when there is a new project, before the launch starts that is your

chance and the best way to buy a unit.

In the real estate industry there is a saying that” Who bought yesterday, is recovered than who

bought today” so we always recommend buying units in the real estate is the best way for


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