Assistance in Buying New Property

Buying a home for the first time? It could be one of the biggest investments that you can make. At Next Home, we can assist you through the entire process so that you are able to take an informed decision when buying a new property. We can create a list of relevant properties that you can consider by taking into account your budget, location preference, tastes and other factors. We can also provide assistance with financing new properties.

Resale Services

Next Home takes pride in its resale services. Our real estate marketing experts formulate a detailed marketing campaign to ensure that there is maximum exposure to potential buyers. Every customer’s property is given unique treatment and a lot of emphasis is placed on promoting individual apartments and their best features.
At Next Home, we recognize the importance of your advertising budget, so we look into it that the budget is utilized in the best possible way to achieve optimum results. We ensure professional photography and brochure printing to present your property to potential buyers.

New Development & Marketing Consultation Services

Next Home advises its clients all across Egypt on various residential property development opportunities. These could be private or public developers or house-builders. We ensure that all the primary regions in Egypt are covered, wherever there is potential housing growth.
At Next Home, we aim at creating value for our clients by undertaking a comprehensive planning and development procedure. We keep our client updated about the latest developments in the market and the prevailing prices in the residential real estate sector. In this way we are able to work closely with the client’s portfolio and offer valuable services in the area of new property development.